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Surprising Facts About Crystal Meth

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Crystal Meth addiction is one the fastest growing and most dangerous drug addictions in the United States. Methamphetamine is a powder that can be made into pills or take the form of rocks. Meth use initially leads to a rush of good feelings, but then users feel edgy, overly excited, angry, or afraid. Meth use can quickly lead to addiction. It causes medical problems such as severe itching, broken teeth, and emotional problems.1

Brain x-rayMethamphetamine is a powerful drug. It acts by changing how the brain works. It also speeds up many functions in the body.2 Although some of these brain changes may reverse after being off the drug for a year or more, other changes may not recover even after a long period of abstinence.

A recent study even suggests that people who used methamphetamine have an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, a nerve disorder that affects movement.2

The active ingredients in crystal meth set off a series of deceptive reactions in the brain. They are deceptive because they fool the body into thinking it has more energy than it actually does. That is why crystal meth users are often able to stay awake and party for three straight days. When body catches on to this deception, it crashes. As a result, the user is typically unable to function for several days (or until another hit of the drug). This kind of cycle has a devastating effect on the long-term health of the individual.

Unlike other drugs that do not give users an extended high, the euphoric effects of crystal meth can last up to 12 hours. All drugs have negative side effects when abused, but the short-term and long-term health effects of crystal meth addiction are very serious. Some of the consequences of meth use include:

  • Meth can make a user’s body temperature rise so high he could pass out or even die.
  • A user may feel anxious and confused, be unable to sleep, have mood swings, and become violent.
  • Looks can change dramatically. A user may age quickly and have dull skin. He may have dry mouth and stained, broken, or rotting teeth.3

Other consequences of meth use include stroke, convulsions, psychosis, and even death. Crystal Meth has a wide variety of street names associated with it such as speed, crystal, ice, glass, quartz, blade, and crank.

One of the primary reasons for the rise in crystal meth is that the drug is easy to make. In homemade laboratories all across the United States, crystal meth is produced cheaply and dangerously. Consider some of the following materials used in manufacturing crystal meth:

  • Drano
  • Ephedrine
  • Brake Fluid
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Lye
  • Ether and other highly dangerous substances

Clearly, these ingredients are harmful to the body, and it is only a matter of time until there are serious health consequences. If you struggle with drug addiction, please know help is available. Michael’s House understands the special needs of individuals with a crystal meth addiction. The caring, knowledgeable professionals at Michael’s House helps individuals break free from the cycle of drug addiction and gives them the skills to live a healthy, productive, crystal meth-free life.

Contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032 for information about their top-notch residential drug treatment program, located at their facility in Palm Springs, California.


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