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LGBT Crystal Meth Addiction

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Currently, crystal meth addiction is one of the biggest concerns facing the LGBT community in the United States. For a variety of reasons unique to the gay community, crystal meth puts the health and well-being of these individuals at great risk.
Crystal meth

Why Is Crystal Meth a Problem in the LGBT Community?

Crystal meth comes into play because of the euphoric effects of the drug.[1] Crystal meth produces high levels of energy and increases one’s libido significantly—and that is why it is so popular among the partying sub-culture.

The problem (again, especially as it pertains to gay men) is that there are some high-risk behaviors that can ensue as a result. Unprotected sex with multiple partners has seen a rise wherever there has been a co-occurring spike is crystal meth use. This can lead to transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus or Hepatitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Crystal Meth Addiction

More than most illicit substances, crystal meth addiction carries highly distinct physical and emotional symptoms. Individuals who believe that someone they know may need crystal meth rehab should watch for the following behaviors:

  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Paranoid or delusional behavior after prolonged use of crystal meth
  • Development of a tolerance to crystal meth—thus requiring more and more of the drug to achieve the desired effect
  • An increase in unsafe sexual behaviors such as unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Deterioration of the teeth and gums (also known as “meth mouth”)
  • Increase in blood pressure or heart rate

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment in the LGBT Community

Awareness is a key issue in the discussion of crystal meth addiction in the LGBT community. It is important that the individual with the addiction has the support of those in the family and the community. If there is no accountability and the crystal meth use is actually supported within the community, then there will not be any motivation to enter an addiction treatment program.

Patient giving feedback to counselorOnce individuals enter addiction treatment for their crystal meth use, they will be able to work with caring professionals who understand the complexity of the situation. Through counseling, they will develop strategies for avoiding the situations that lead to crystal meth use and find healthier alternatives that will help them live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Michael’s House is a residential drug treatment facility located in the pristine Palm Springs desert. The remote location of Michael’s House makes it an ideal destination for those who want to focus solely on their recovery from addiction while being treated by some of the finest counselors and medical professionals in the industry. Michael’s House cares deeply about the LGBT community, so please call today at our 24-hour, toll-free helpline at 760.548.4032 for more information about treatment.