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The Costs of Cocaine Rehab

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cocaine rehab costsAlthough cocaine use in the United States peaked during the 1980’s it remains a significant health concern for medical professionals and law enforcement officials around the country. When an individual becomes addicted to this stimulate, they can quickly see their life fall into disrepair. The most effective way to turn the tide is a qualified cocaine rehab program.

Cocaine rehab, like any medical or psychological treatment program costs money. Unfortunately, those individuals who need cocaine rehabilitation the most are in least tenable position financially. Consider having to pay for a quality drug rehab program after having just decimated one’s savings as a result of cocaine addiction.

Outpatient and Residential Rehab Costs

While every program is different in terms of their charges, as a general rule, outpatient cocaine rehab programs are less expensive than residential programs. This is not because outpatient programs offer a lower level of care, but rather because the overhead at a residential facility is often much higher. Among the overhead costs associated with residential programs are: additional treatment staff (live-in), catering, nutritionists, amenities, yoga instructors, etc.

While the price of outpatient and residential programs vary greatly according to the facility and area of the country, most outpatient centers cost several hundred dollars per week. Luxury rehab on the other hand can cost upwards of several thousand dollars per month.

Helping People Pay for Rehab

Given the current state of the economy, many cocaine rehab facilities have gone to great lengths to help their patients pay for treatment. Financing options are now available at most luxury cocaine rehab centers -and although it only offsets the cost of treatment, it does make the overall cost easier to swallow (at a time when the family finances are likely to be in disarray).

In addition, more and more insurance companies and private corporations are making drug rehab coverage a part of their core offerings. In the case of private companies, it is much more likely that employee benefits will include reimbursement for rehab than it would have just twenty years ago (when most people stood a greater chance of being summarily dismissed when their employer learned about their substance abuse of addiction problem).

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