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Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

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Mother and son quarrelingUnderstanding the warning signs of cocaine addiction can mean the difference between life and death. If you recognize any of these warning signs in yourself or someone you love, cocaine rehab is the best way to make the changes you need to get back to a healthy and balanced life.

At Michael’s House, we can help you learn more about how to identify cocaine addiction warning signs in yourself or your loved one, and we can help you reserve a spot at our California cocaine rehab.

Recognizing the Signs

It’s not always easy to recognize addiction in yourself. When you are living with cocaine addiction, you have no interest in quitting the drug. For most people, to recognize that you are addicted to cocaine is to admit that you need help to stop. Most prefer to deny they have a problem and continue using despite the obvious warning signs.

Addiction warning signs can be both subtle and all too obvious, including:

  • A need to regularly use the drug
  • Frequent nose bleeds
  • Constant, strong cravings
  • Making financial sacrifices to get more of the drug
  • Losing interest in formerly enjoyed activities
  • Breaking promises to loved ones in order to get high
  • Engaging in risking or uncharacteristic behavior in favor of the drug1

Many family members feel the need to justify these behaviors for their loved ones. It’s not easy to admit a loved one needs help. Some would rather believe that it’s a matter of willpower and that all they need to do is stop using. Denial is a common problem surrounding addiction, but when you admit there is a problem—a problem you can’t fix on your own—it’s the first step to getting much needed help to return to a full and healthy life.

When cocaine addiction is an issue, rehabilitation is the only way to break free.

Addiction Intervention

A cocaine addiction intervention is the best way to point out to your loved one that they are addicted and need help. Gathering together a few friends and family members who have witnessed the signs of cocaine addiction in your loved one and giving them an opportunity to tell those stories one at a time is one of the best ways to convince your loved one that treatment is necessary.

If you need help setting up an intervention, a professional interventionist can assist you. An interventionist can help you prepare for how to talk with your loved one and share your stories in an appropriate manner and timeline. The interventionist can also be present during the intervention as a neutral party to keep conversations focused and calm as well as connect you with the best treatment programs available for your loved one.

Living on the Edge of Overdose

It’s not easy living with cocaine addiction, especially after you’ve recognized the warning signs. Many try to convince themselves that they can quit by themselves, and it is extremely frustrating when they can’t. Relapse is likely and often disastrous since tolerance decreases when you are without the drug. Although it’s natural to think you can withstand as much of the drug as before, it’s much easier to overdose when you have not had the drug for a while.

Many accidentally overdose when they are trying to get clean alone. The only way to avoid this completely is to opt for a cocaine detox and addiction treatment at a rehab that offers medical supervision and assistance. Currently there are no medications specifically approved for cocaine withdrawal; however, there are some being tested for this purpose.2 If you choose to detox in a medically supervised rehab, the staff will work to keep you as comfortable as possible through the process.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Michael’s House

Lauren shares her story of addiction and how beneficial treatment was for her for Heroes in Recovery, “My family knew what was going on with me, but we were very uneducated about addiction…They thought I could just figure it out myself and that I didn’t have to go to treatment, but I knew I needed help and couldn’t do this on my own.” Recognizing that other people are available to help you in your journey is a great place to begin!

Treating cocaine addiction at Michael’s House is the best way to enjoy luxury accommodations and get the medical and psychological treatment necessary to break free from cocaine addiction. Here in Palm Springs, California, we offer cocaine detox to treat physical withdrawal symptoms and cocaine addiction treatment for the psychological and mental dependence upon the drug.

Call us today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline at 760.548.4032 for more information about when and how to enroll in our cocaine rehab. Let us help you change your life.


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