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Addiction Risks

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Cocaine addiction has the power to touch every aspect of your life. The drug also has the power to impact the lives of everyone around you. Nothing is safe from the effects of cocaine addiction. Every day that you choose not to get cocaine addiction treatment, you accept the risks associated with your addiction. The most common of these risks are health problems, financial issues, lost relationships and opportunities.

Health Problems Associated with Cocaine Use

Man snorting cocaineWhen you are a cocaine addict, health problems will pop up quickly. Some of these health issues include a chronic bloody nose, runny nose, headaches, sinus problems, and psychological instability. Over time, other issues develop: respiratory problems, cardiac issues and potential brain damage or death due to overdose.[1]

When you get high on cocaine, you risk the health and safety of others around you. Even if you think you are being careful, if you take care of small children or other dependent family members you put them at risk. Many jobs are dangerous while performed under the influence as well. These are all risks that no one should take.

Financial Issues

Cocaine is expensive. When you are a cocaine addict, you likely spend more money than you realize on the drug. Many celebrities have lost all of their savings and income by spending millions of dollars on cocaine. You don’t have to be a celebrity to go through all of your money. When you use cocaine, you not only risk your financial future, you risk the financial future of your loved ones as well.

Lost Opportunities

The risk of losing opportunities, people you love, and your own sanity is an unquantifiable risk of cocaine addiction. Few relationships can—or should—stand the strain of abuse that occurs due to cocaine addiction. When you choose to abuse cocaine, you lose. There are many people that you won’t meet because you are high or incapacitated. It is impossible to be a good spouse or parent when you are a drug addict. You will have fewer opportunities in your career—if you can hold down a job.

Hands holding prison barsEvery time you use cocaine, you risk having legal problems. Remember, cocaine is an illegal drug. Every state has cocaine laws that criminalize the possession, sale, or trafficking of cocaine. As a felony crime in Tennessee, the sale of cocaine could mean up to 60 years in prison and a $500,000 fine in just about every state. Even the simple possession of any amount of cocaine can land you in jail.[2] Don’t make this mistake and suffer long-term consequences. The risk is too high.

The good news is you don’t have to life a life of drug abuse. You can choose to seek out help. Cocaine rehab can completely change and restore your life. At Michael’s House, we offer a comprehensive cocaine rehab program. This program includes both cocaine detox and psychotherapeutic cocaine addiction treatment. If you have any questions, please reach out. You can contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your life back.


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