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Ambien Abuse Risks

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Allowing yourself or your loved one to continue living with Ambien addiction is a risky business indeed. There are so many potential pitfalls that accompany short-term and long-term use of the drug that Ambien addiction is deadly on a number of levels. If you or your loved one is living with Ambien addiction and is unable to quit alone, choose an Ambien addiction treatment program at Michael’s House. We can help you and your family heal after prescription drug addiction.

#1: Death

Whether through an Ambien overdose, an accident that occurs while you are under the influence or through the deterioration of your body over long-term use, Ambien addiction is deadly. This, clearly, is the number one risk of Ambien addiction.

#2: Financial Devastation

Ambien is not cheap. Neither are the drugs and alcohol that many use to supplement their prescription when it stops working as well as it once did. Many procure fraudulent prescriptions, doubling their cost, while others scheme to get painkillers, sedatives, and other drugs to increase the power of their Ambien dose.

Additionally, losing one’s job is not uncommon when Ambien addiction is an issue. It’s difficult to go into work, much less do well at work, the morning after taking Ambien in large doses. When this becomes a habit, it’s not long until most people lose their jobs, adding to the financial devastation that comes with prescription drug addiction.

#3: Divorce

For those living with Ambien addiction, relationship problems are unavoidable. Few partners or spouses deal with it well when their loved one is gripped by Ambien addiction. The grogginess, the actions under the influence that they don’t remember, the lost money and opportunities -all of this can add up to constant fighting and, ultimately, divorce if help is not sought for Ambien addiction.

#4: Child Protective Services Intervention

Losing a relationship is hard enough, but many people lose their children to Child Protective Services due to drug addiction of any kind, Ambien addiction included. Oftentimes it is negligent parenting that gets CPS involved, but many times it is enough for them to find out that you are addictively using Ambien. Getting your child back after losing him or her to Ambien addiction is exceedingly difficult. It is far better to get the treatment you need before the court system gets involved in your family.

#5: Losing Sight of Your Dreams

When you are addicted to Ambien, your focus on day-to-day tasks slips away and your dreams and goals are long forgotten. The haze of addiction makes it almost impossible to progress through school or on personal projects and goals you have for your career or your family quickly fall to the wayside. Ambien addiction treatment can turn all that around.

Ambien Addiction Treatment at Michael’s House

If you or someone you love is addicted to Ambien, choose help at Michael’s House. Our Palm Springs prescription drug rehab is the most effective way to avoid the risks of Ambien addiction and get back on track. Call 760.548.4032 now.