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Luxury Treatment

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

man at luxury alcohol treatment facility Poverty and substance abuse are almost inexorably linked, according to an article in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, and it’s not uncommon for people in low income brackets to spend up to 20 percent of their income on addictive substances like alcohol. Even so, people with higher incomes might also fall prey to alcohol use and abuse, and they might also need targeted therapy in order to get better. They might be more inclined to get that help, too, if they have access to a luxury alcohol treatment program.

Personalized Care

People don’t enter alcohol treatment programs for fun. They enroll here so they can deal with a specific and serious problem, and learn how to handle their difficulties in a whole new way. Some alcohol treatment programs provide a scattershot approach to care, asking people to take what they need and leave the rest, as they move through a structured program designed to fit as many people as possible instead of each person specifically.

Rather than creating a single program for all comers, a luxury alcohol treatment center offers personalized care. A formal assessment allows providers to determine all of the issues that might complicate recovery, and the treatment program is designed to address each need the person might have. Clients can take an active role here, as they’re expected to voice their opinions about the components they want. As they program moves forward, they might add and change their daily schedules to capitalize on achievements and accommodate new goals.

Access to cutting-edge treatments and lack of funding restrictions allow luxury alcohol treatment centers the ability to provide a wide range of treatments and include among them both traditional and modern options. Some of the top researchers and providers in substance abuse and addiction treatment make house calls to luxury alcohol treatment centers and train the resident staff, enabling them to provide the best care possible.

Beautiful Surroundings

In addition to providing top-notch addiction care, a luxury program might also provide a variety of stunning amenities that could appeal to patients. It’s not unusual for programs like this to provide:

  • Gourmet meals
  • Hiking trails
  • Private meditation spaces
  • Heated pools
  • Saunas

These benefits can help entice an addict to consider enrolling in a treatment program and could help keep him enrolled in treatment for enough time to find healing.

The lush grounds can also have a secondary benefit, as they can keep preying eyes away from people in recovery. As an article in Spear’s points out, many wealthy people worry about losing their status or reputation due to addictions, and that fear might keep them out of programs that could help. Luxury programs are sensitive to this worry, and they put privacy at the top of their priority list. The private nature of the program can help them to achieve that goal.

Cost Concerns

Luxury programs are, not surprisingly, more expensive than most standard treatment programs for addiction. Thankfully, insurance companies can sometimes step up and help families to pay for the care that’s required. Drug addiction is a medical addiction and drug rehab is a medical treatment, so most health insurance policies will cover at least some part of the treatment. In some cases, only drug detox is covered. In other cases, outpatient programs are covered on a limited basis. Some programs do provide full coverage for rehab, however, so parsing the fine print on the insurance plan is an absolute must.

If insurance isn’t an option, a workplace human resources department may be helpful. Major companies are often aware of the costs involved with replacing a key employee, and as a result, they’re sometimes willing to assist with addiction care. When the program is complete, they have a healthy employee who is loyal and ready to work. Some companies have programs in place for such situations. In other corporations, there are scholarship programs and loan programs for employees with large medical costs.

Finding Treatment at Michael’s House

Don’t wait to start a new life without alcohol. Michael’s House is a professional drug and alcohol rehab center located in Palm Springs, California. We provide both alcohol detox and alcohol addiction treatment in a serene setting and provide a variety of cutting-edge therapies in addition to gold standard traditional treatments. For more information about what you can expect at Michael’s House, contact us.