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The Biggest Hurdles to Rehab Success

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An alcoholic will fall deeper and deeper into the cycle of addiction without professional help. When these individuals enter into an alcohol rehab program they are given the support and treatment they need to achieve and maintain sobriety. The process is designed to enrich the mind, body, and spirit of the individual.

However, not everyone makes it through alcohol rehab on the first try. In fact, there are several obstacles that keep individuals from seeking proper addiction treatment at all. The following represents some of the biggest hurdles to alcohol rehab success, and how they can be overcome.

What are the Biggest Hurdles to Success?

  • Poor attitude. As simplistic as it sounds, an individual’s attitude plays a significant role in how well they do in alcohol rehab. If an addict uses up a great deal of mental and physical energy “fighting back” against their counselors and caregivers, they have that much less to apply to getting well.
  • Distractions. If an individual is going through a difficult time at work or at home, they will be distracted from the goals set forth in alcohol rehab. This is more likely to occur in an outpatient alcohol rehab where the individual returns to their home environment at the end of each treatment day.
  • Not being honest. Individuals who are not honest with their alcohol rehab counselors and fellow patients are acting in a manner that is counter-productive to recovery. Rehab is all about honesty. It is with honesty that breakthroughs occur and real progress is made. Those who lie during rehab are only hurting themselves and sabotaging their own chances at maintaining sobriety.
  • Being inattentive. Many individuals will simply “coast” through their alcohol rehab program, nodding off or failing to contribute during group counseling sessions. This is a shame, because those who maintain an active involvement in their treatment plan are the ones who are most likely to achieve success. Every day of alcohol rehab provides new nuggets of information that can the recovering addict can use at a later date. Not paying attention means missing out on these occurrences and struggling as a result.
  • Being condescending to others. In every program there is likely to be at least one person who feels that alcohol rehab is somehow beneath them. These individuals not only sell short their own chances of getting real value out of the program, but also hamper the recovery of others because of the distractions that they cause. It is important to remember that everyone in alcohol rehab is seen as equal in the eyes of the program. The socio-economic standing of the participants may differ wildly, but the goal of sobriety is the same for all.

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