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Famous Alcoholics

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History books and magazines are filled with stories of well-known people who have had serious drinking problems. Some of these famous alcoholics were able to get clean and sober at some point during their life, while others succumbed to the addiction and would eventually die as a result.

A list of famous alcoholics -past and present

Edgar Allen Poe. One of the greatest poet/novelists of all time, Poe practically invented the modern-horror genre. The brilliant writer struggled with a serious drinking problem his entire life, until he was found drunk and unconscious on a Baltimore street. He was taken to the hospital, where he died soon after at the age of 40. Poe’s father was also an alcoholic.

Stephen King. Another major horror writer, King battled alcoholism and a host of other addictions through his late 20’s. He notes that he was even drunk when he delivered the eulogy at his mother’s funeral. King, however, would get sober in the 1980’s and go on to become one of the most prolific, best-selling authors of all-time.

John Daly. A gifted golfing talent, Daly’s alcoholism held him back at every turn. He began drinking at a very early age, and has since been unable to get clean, losing millions in endorsement deals and countless tournaments in the past several years. Despite his alcohol abuse problem, John Daly remains a golf-fan favorite because of his “every-man” qualities and his honesty about his disease.

Mickey Mantle. Hero to millions during his hey-day, Mantle would later admit that he had a severe drinking problem and played many of his greatest Yankees games either drunk or hung-over. Liver problems would eventually lead to his death.

Ulysses S. Grant. The 18th President of the United States drank excessively throughout his life -including his terms in the military and as POTUS. While his alcoholism obviously never kept him from achieving great things, it did affect his health in the worst way. Grant died of throat cancer just a short time after taking the oath as president.

Joseph McCarthy. While the Wisconsin Senator was destroying countless lives in his search for American Communists, he was destroying his own with heavy alcohol consumption. Died at the young age of 48 of acute hepatitis -which many believe was brought on by his alcoholism.

Bill Wilson. Perhaps the most influential alcoholic of our times, Wilson’s struggles with drinking led him to create Alcoholics Anonymous, a group that has gone on to help support millions of people all over the world as they cope with recovery.

Betty Ford. The wife of President Gerald R. Ford, this famous first lady’s battle with alcoholism actually helped thousands of people come to grips with their own addiction. And the establishment of the world-renowned Betty Ford Center, built in her honor, has assisted countless individuals from all walks of life with their alcohol addiction.

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