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8 Things to Know About Detox

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Detoxification from alcohol, also known as alcohol detox, is a crucial part of the addiction recovery process. Alcoholics who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better must begin their journey with alcohol detox.

  1. It’s NOT rehab! Beware treatment programs that claim alcohol detox is the equivalent to recovery. Detox is a crucial component of recovery from addiction, but in order to complete the process, an individual must engage in counseling and aftercare as well.
  2. Does not take very long to complete. For many individuals, alcohol detox can take as little as a week to complete, although that time period may vary according to the individual and the seriousness of his or her addiction.
  3. Must be completed before rehab can begin. In order to take part in a successful alcohol rehab program, an individual must first go through detox. As long as the harmful toxins associated with alcohol are present in the bloodstream, the chance of relapse is too high to push forward with rehab.
  4. Is available as part of most rehab programs. Most residential and outpatient alcohol rehab programs now offer detox onsite as part of the treatment process. There are, however, some programs that require the individual to take part in detox offsite before entering into rehab at the facility.
  5. Can bring about withdrawal symptoms. During alcohol detox, the body undergoes considerable stress. This includes experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sweats, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and other problems that occur as the brain adjusts to life without alcohol.
  6. Should always be performed in the presence of a medical professional. Although the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox are rarely life-threatening, it is always recommended that the process take place under the care and supervision of a medical professional. Doctors and detox experts can help the individual cope with withdrawal symptoms and maintain good health during the procedure.
  7. Does not always “take” on the first try. Like rehab, not every individual gets through detox on the first try. The process can be difficult, and the risk of relapse is high during this period. Individuals who stick with it though are rewarded when they are finally able to complete detox and move on to the life-changing experience of alcohol rehab.
  8. It’s an accomplishment. Sometimes the journey to recovery can seem endless. But completing the detox process is an accomplishment in and of itself – and one that should be applauded.

Michael’s House is a residential alcohol addiction treatment center located in Palm Springs, California. The counselors and medical professionals at Michael’s House know the special needs of those with an addiction and do everything – including overseeing detoxification – to help that person enjoy a new lease on life away from alcohol. Contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032 for more information.