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5 Things That Shouldn’t Keep You from Getting Treatment

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treatment obstaclesThere are a number of obstacles that patients face as they contemplate enrolling in a drug addiction treatment program. Money is a big one; in fact, most patients who don’t get the help they know they need at a drug rehab say that it’s the high cost of treatment that keeps them away. The opinions of others, including coworkers and family members, if they were to admit to a drug problem that required treatment are other common reasons. Responsibilities at work and home are also cited as common obstacles to choosing inpatient drug addiction treatment, and fear of withdrawal symptoms or the unknown stop many from getting the care they need.

Don’t let anything stop you from getting the addiction treatment help you need to break free from drug and alcohol addiction. Contact us today at Michael’s House to learn more about how we can help.

Money Should Not Stop You from Going

Few people in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment have the full amount they need to pay for that treatment just sitting in the bank. Most find that financing is a good option for payment as it allows a long repayment period over time – if they have no family members who are able to pitch in. There’s always a way to pay for drug rehab. Choosing to continue to live with an active addiction is always far more expensive.

Stigma Should Not Stop You from Getting Help

Even in this day and age with the understanding that drug addiction is a medical disease, there is still a stigma attached to drug addiction and rehab. Many patients, especially those who are functioning despite their addiction and have something to lose in terms of family and career, feel that the stigma is too much to risk.

Untreated addiction, however, is far more stigmatizing than seeking anonymous and private drug addiction treatment. If necessary, there are ways to enroll in a program that is distant from your hometown and keep your recovery under wraps.

need for drug and alcohol treatmentFamily Responsibilities Should Not Stop You from Going

Many who have children feel there is no one to take care of their family if they enroll in an inpatient program. Remember that there are always outpatient programs that can be incorporated into your family’s schedule, and in the event that inpatient treatment is necessary, your family members will be far better off if you get the help you need. If you don’t help yourself first, you’ll be unable to prioritize anyone else’s needs.

Work Responsibilities Should Not Stop You from Going

In the same way, many claim that they risk too much at their job by leaving for an extended period of time. Again, outpatient treatment may be able to fit into your work schedule and, ultimately, if you are living with an active addiction, it won’t be long before that addiction ruins your ability to do your job.

Fear Should Not Stop You from Getting Help

Many fear the physical discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. Others are scared of the unknown, learning how to live a life without drug and alcohol addiction. Don’t let fear stop you from getting the drug addiction help you need. Instead, call Michael’s House today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and how they can help you to fight drug and alcohol addiction.