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Addiction Recovery and Treatment

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

Addictions of all kinds bring with them a high cost – not just to the individual struggling with the disorder but to his or her family and loved ones as well. Gambling, sex addictions, food addictions and abuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to long-term health and social problems including chronic illness, legal problems, financial devastation, an inability to care for a family and an inability to have a positive relationship.

In the worst case, addiction can result in death – either for the person with an addiction or for family members, friends, and strangers who happen to be hurt by poor decisions made by the patient while he or she is under the influence. In the case of drug and alcohol addiction, like many medical disorders, early intervention and treatment are of primary importance. If you or someone you care about is living with an active drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today at Michael’s House to find out about your addiction recovery options.

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Recovery?

One of the most productive things an individual can do to break the cycle of addiction is to enter into an addiction treatment program. There are a number of benefits to choosing drug rehab when addiction is an issue, including:

  • Sheltered environment. Drug rehab centers and dual diagnosis rehab provide a safe place from the “outside world,” protected against too much temptation to relapse into addictive behaviors.
  • Detox care. Immediate medical care is necessary to stabilize many patients when they stop abusing their drug or drugs of choice.
  • Ongoing medical care and monitoring. Combating the physical effects of chronic addictive behavior and associated health problems can mean regular check-ins, medication and more.
  • Personalized treatment. Depending upon why you started abusing drugs and alcohol and what other issues you may be dealing with, your addiction treatment program may be different from the next person’s program. Therapies, alternative treatments, traditional care, medication, and other therapies – all this will vary depending upon your needs.
  • Peer and staff support. Doing anything with the support of others who are either knowledgeable and trained in how to help you accomplish what you striving for or dealing with the same issues is going to help you more quickly and effectively reach your goes.
  • Aftercare support. The better addiction treatment facilities will provide you with ongoing support and care as necessary after you have completed the program. This benefit can be crucial to your ability to remain clean and sober in your recovery for the long term.

Addiction treatment programs should provide all these benefits and more.

Types of Addiction Recovery Centers

The two most common types of addiction recovery centers are residential and outpatient. Although the treatment styles may differ within these programs, they stand as the two predominant ways that an individual can address their issues of alcohol or drug dependence.

The type that is right for you will depend upon your needs, the needs of your family, and the dictates of your addiction illness and co-occurring disorders.

Residential addiction treatment: Residential rehab programs provide the patient with room and board as well as everything they need to heal from drug and alcohol addiction. Generally for long-term stays of 30 days or more, these programs are intense and considered the most effective way to beat an addiction issue. Patients can expect to get both the medical care and psychological treatment necessary to heal while building peer relationships that can sustain them in their recovery.

Outpatient addiction programs: Outpatient addiction treatment provides an amount of flexibility to the patient, giving them the psychological treatment they need to learn how to live without acting on addiction impulses while also allowing them to go to work or school, or care for dependent family members.

Styles of Addiction Treatment

Within the two types of treatment programs, there are several different styles of or approaches to addiction care. Catering to specific populations, dual diagnoses, intensity of care, range of treatment services and more, there is a style of drug addiction that is right for everyone looking for medical and psychological care.

Luxury Rehab

Luxury addiction treatment programs help patients meet the same goals of abstinence and long-term sobriety as in public rehab programs. The difference is level of care and access to evidence-based treatments and alternative and holistic care options that less expensive treatment centers can’t afford. An increased number of staff members and decreased number of patients means that all who enroll in treatment get more exclusive and individualized care.

Women’s Rehab

Women become addicted to drugs and alcohol for different reasons than men. Issues of self-image, physical abuse, past sexual abuse and codependency all play a role in the development of dependence issues in women. It can be helpful to address those needs through gender-specific therapies.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab

According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, people who are addicted to drugs are twice as likely to be diagnosed with mood and anxiety disorders as well. These men and women are known as “dual diagnosis” patients, and they are at a high risk for a number of health problems as well as self-harm and suicidal behavior. Dual diagnosis rehabilitation programs provide integrated care for these individuals, providing them with concurrent treatment for both issues and increasing their chances of success on both fronts during recovery.

What to Look for

There are literally thousands of addiction treatment programs to choose from, and while some are completely ineffective, many vary in philosophy, treatment amenities, environment and staff. With so many options, how do you know what you should look for and how to choose the right addiction treatment program for you?

Though your specific needs will vary, here are some of the general requirements you should demand:

  • A staff knowledgeable and experienced in addiction recovery with the practice to back it up
  • A healing and relaxing atmosphere
  • A secluded location or gated estate to ensure privacy, security and the seclusion you need to focus on your recovery
  • Individual counseling sessions with staff members one or more times weekly
  • Group counseling sessions with staff members and fellow patients multiple times per week
  • A wide range of addiction treatment services and the ability to navigate through them, creating a schedule for yourself that is made up of treatments that address your needs most effectively
  • Personalized treatment plans designed to address issues that occurred in your life prior to addiction and during addiction, as well as co-occurring disorders
  • Low number of patients enrolled
  • High number of staff members, including counselors, medical professionals, therapists, psychiatrists and more

Addictions Treated at Rehab Programs

Therapy session

Drug and alcohol addictions are the primary focus of most drug rehab facilities, but there are a number of co-occurring addictions that often exist in addition to a dependence upon drugs and alcohol.Those struggling with significant compulsion and addiction issues in addition to drug dependence will be able to get the treatment they need to deal with those issues as well when they choose drug treatment.

Some of the most common addiction and compulsion disorders experienced by those living with drug dependence include gambling, sex and codependency. While some only experience compulsive issues with these behaviors while they are under the influence, many will continue to struggle with them after they kick their drug habit. A behavioral compulsion relapse can quickly lead to a drug relapse, so it’s important to find an addiction treatment program that can address these issues as well if they are a problem.

What Makes Addiction Recovery in California Unique?

The Drug Enforcement Agency of the US government considers California a hotbed of drug-related activity. In addition, according to a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, California has one of the highest rates of illicit drug use among individuals older than 12 years old. And while not every one of these individuals will develop a full-blown addiction, it is easy to see why addiction recovery is such a “hot topic” in California.

Individuals in California who become addicted to drugs or alcohol have a number of options at their disposal. From San Francisco to San Diego, the state is home to some of the most forward-thinking, successful alcohol and drug treatment programs in the country.

California has long been known as a place for progressive thinkers, and that same mindset is constantly in play among the addiction recovery community in the state. Perhaps nowhere else in the country is home to more unique methods of addiction treatment, including holistic care, advanced cognitive therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment. All these methods are intertwined with tried-and-true rehab philosophies to form a unique methodology of addiction treatment.

Michael’s House Offers Multiple Addiction Treatment Programs in California

Michael’s House is a residential addiction recovery facility located in Palm Springs, California. The treatment professionals at Michael’s House know how to craft a personalized program for each patient that speaks directly to their needs and the circumstances surrounding their addiction. The result is a “whole body” approach to treatment that uplifts the mind, body, and spirit while helping the individual overcome their dependence. Contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032 for more information.

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