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Pure MDMA Touted as Safe by Canadian Health Officials

MDMA is a drug that is most commonly known as Ecstasy. MDMA is a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception such as surrounding objects and conditions.[1] This drug is popular among young adults who go to clubs and want to escape reality. This drug has been the subject of study and research for years in treating mental health disorders such as PTSD. However, MDMA is still not classified for medical use in the United States. In Canada, however, some medical professionals believe the drug has a valid use.


Some top officials in British Columbia, while remaining neutral on the issue of legalization, are stating that they believe that MDMA in its pure form is perfectly safe.[2] The medical community agrees that MDMA is not addictive. However, when the drug is diluted—as is the norm when the drug is sold on the street as Ecstasy—MDMA contains chemicals that can be harmful.In some cases, MDMA can be deadly.

Estimates show as many as 20 people a year die due to poisoning after taking Ecstasy in British Columbia. When the drug is taken in its pure form, many believe there is no risk of harm when consumed responsibly by adults.


Young man on ecstasy at partyProvincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall told CBC News that unless you receive MDMA from a psychiatrist, at the present time, you can’t guarantee what’s in it. The drug can include other filler ingredients, and there is no way to know much filler is in the drug. So the recommendation is not to take the drug.

The fact is that no one is selling pure MDMA on the street. This means that the drug is a danger to anyone who buys it (not from a doctor). Medical grade MDMA is only available to medical professionals on a very limited basis for use in legitimate research and psychological trials. While it is possible that MDMA will be legal to use in the future in Canada, at present, MDMA is not safe to use.


The street version of Ecstasy can cause high blood pressure, increased heart rate, convulsions, anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, and vomiting – even when it is taken in small amounts.[3] When combined with other drugs, the effects can be even worse, and an overdose is not uncommon. In a party setting, individuals rarely use Ecstasy alone; the drug is often mixed with alcohol and other drugs.

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