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Job Market Review: Drug Dealers in Gangs and Drug Addiction

A little bit of online research revealed some unhappy numbers for crack dealers and hopeful crack dealers. The lure of being in a gang and selling drugs to move up through the ranks and gain “respect” often ends one of two ways: prison or death. Either way, drug addiction plagues those who sell drugs as well as those close to them, including their families.

Selling Drugs: How Much Money Do They Really Make?

Drug deal going downDespite what you see in movies, dealing drugs is not as lucrative as you might think. It seems that a researcher who had access to a certain gang’s records and finances found out that the average crack dealer on the corner only makes about $4.57 an hour.[1]

Second, the occupational hazards of the job are very harsh. The annual death rate was marked at about 7 percent, a number that increases to 25 percent after four years. (Why the increase? Perhaps disgruntled customers or competition tend to target those who have made a name for themselves?)

Even if you made thousands of dollars an hour, remember you can’t spend it from the grave. When you sell drugs, you either die or go to jail.

The Myth of Drug Dealing and Sales

No matter how you add it up, being a crack dealer (or a drug dealer of any kind) isn’t going to do much for your financial standing. Unfortunately, kids are seduced by glamorous depictions of rich drug lords on TV, Hollywood and in their own communities. They think that if they put in the time that they, too, will one day be driving fancy cars, wearing lots of gold and buying houses for their mother. The fact is, that very few people profit off of selling drugs. The people who do make a profit are high up in the chain. The fact is that making it to the top of a drug business alive is practically impossible. An article in the New York Times states that crack business is really a modern, brutalized version of a 19th-century sweatshop.[2]

Drug Addiction Among Drug Sellers

Drug dealer snorting cocaineOne of the biggest issues of individuals selling drugs is the development of their own drug addiction. Ready access to large amounts of drugs (and large amounts of money) in the midst of high emotional stress often leads to drug addiction.

Another issue is having legal problems. Whether it is getting caught for the crimes they have to do to supplement their income since they’re using more drugs for personal purposes or for selling drugs, drug dealers are no longer eligible for drug addiction treatment through drug court. When selling or violence is an issue, no drug court will give you drug addiction treatment instead of prison.

Healing Drug Addiction and Getting Out of Selling

If you struggle drug addiction, the time to stop is now. Rates of death are as high among drug addicts as they are among drug dealers, if not higher. Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic. Get the help you need. Call Michael’s House today to speak with an admission coordinator who will answer all of your questions.

[1] Average Drug Seller Doesn’t Make Minimum Wage, Says Anti-Drug Site.

[2] Selling Crack: The Myth of Wealth — A Special Report: Despite Its Promise of Riches, The Crack Trade Seldom Pays. Kolata, Gina. Published November 26th, 1989.