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Happy New Year! Wine Glass Shape May Affect How Much You Drink, Says New Study

For social drinkers who will be trying to keep an eye on how much they drink during the holiday season, the solution could be as simple as the type of glass they use. A recent study shows that people will pour less wine into a straight glass than they would pour into a wider glass. A separate study among beer drinkers has demonstrated that drinking beer from a straight glass also causes the imbiber to drink more slowly.

Another factor in how much wine a person pours into their glass is where the wine is poured. Those who set their wine glass down before pouring will pour less than those who pour while holding their glass. Interestingly enough, those who are pouring white wine tend to pour more than those who are pouring red wine.

Is My Loved One Drinking Too Much?

There are some individuals for whom drinking alcohol is much more than a social activity. While many people are able to consume alcohol without overindulging, occasionally some people may have too much to drink. But does that mean they have a problem with alcohol?

Some people may say, “I might drink a little a little more at parties,” or “Special occasions are a reason to celebrate, so sometimes I drink too much.” Others may not even admit that they have a habit of drinking too much.

For those who are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol consumption, here are some signs that may indicate an alcohol abuse problem:

  • Being secretive about their drinking even to the point of hiding it from their loved ones
  • Driving under the influence or engaging in other dangerous behaviors
  • Becoming upset or angry when confronted about their alcohol consumption
  • Feeling the need to drink to deal with stress, cope with problems, or get through the day
  • Drinking alcohol in the morning to help start the day or at the end of the day to help them wind down routinely
  • Increasing the amount they drink to get the same feeling they used to get with less alcohol
  • Poor attendance at work or school, drinking on the job or at school, frequently calling in sick, or letting their alcohol abuse affect the quality of their work

Taking the Control Away from Alcohol

Alcohol is something that can control a person. If you feel that someone you care about cannot control their alcohol use and could benefit from an alcohol treatment program, don’t hesitate to call. Get more information about how they can regain control over their life through treatment here at Michael’s House today.