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Former Child Star and Current Housewife Kim Richards Enters Drug Rehab

Kim Richards was a Disney child star, and now she’s a star on the reality TV show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As the show has followed her interaction with fellow housewives including sister, Kyle, concerns have been expressed in numerous ways about Kim’s erratic behavior, and some of the women have conjectured that Richards has a problem with drugs and alcohol – one that is creating issues for her socially and personally.

Though she and sister Kyle vehemently denied that Richard’s issues were related to drug and alcohol abuse throughout the season – both on camera and to numerous media outlets as well as on personal blogs – it seems that Richards’ has had a change of heart. The latest reports state that she is headed into drug rehab to get the help she needs to find emotional and physical balance in her life.

It’s not the first time that Kim Richards has headed into treatment, but everyone is hoping that this time will be the last time, and that she’ll get what she needs to create real change for herself and her family.

Friends and family have responded to the news hopefully. Says one source to Us Weekly: “Kim’s alcohol addiction along with other substance abuse problems has been obvious for quite some time, but it’s really good that she’s finally getting help. It was really just a matter of when she would enter rehab. I think everyone is actually pretty happy she’s taking the proper steps forward to deal with her issues.”

Even on the show, the cameras have documented explosive fights and emotional outbursts, ostensibly related to Richards’ behavior while under the influence. Sister Kyle even called her an alcoholic during a huge fight on season one’s finale, but by the second season, the two sisters had reconciled and Kyle seemed to be covering for her sister – or at least looking the other way. Staunchly defending her sister when another housewife accused her of abusing drugs at a party, Kyle seems to struggle with her sister’s issues.

It’s not an uncommon problem for family members. Love and hope for the best can often skew the perspective, causing family members to blame everything but the actual cause for the problems caused by addiction.

Says another source: “The relationship with everyone is so strained and it was because they weren’t going to coddle Kim – she had to know when she was ready to do this…She’s making the right decision.”

If you or someone you care about would like to follow the example set by Richards’ and get addiction treatment help, contact us at Michael’s House today.