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CVS Pharmacies, Nail Polish Remover and Crystal Meth Addiction

For a long time, pharmacies have had to be aware of what people buy, at least as it pertains to products that could potentially be used to induce a high. Objects like spray paint, glue, keyboard cleaner and even whipped cream have all been identified as recreational drugs in the wrong hands. Recently, a new and unexpected item has been added to the watch list: nail polish remover.[1]

Nail polish removers that contain acetone are widely used in the making of crystal meth, and cashiers at pharmacies and other retail outlets are being encouraged to make smart choices about to whom they sell nail polish remover and in what amounts. In fact, CVS, a popular United States pharmacy chain, recently wrote a requirement concerning nail polish remover into its policy: clerks must scan the IDs of all people who buy the product and keep track of how often they buy more nail polish remover and other products containing acetone. Suspicious behavior can be reported to local authorities in an effort to fight against drug manufacturing, distribution and addiction.[2]

Not Just Nail Polish Remover

While it’s smart for clerks to keep track of shoppers who purchase large amounts of nail polish remover, it’s important to note that nail polish remover isn’t the only commonly used household product that can be used in the concoction of crystal meth.

Other household items that can often be found in crystal meth include the following:

  • Butane lighter fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Drano
  • Ephedrine-containing sinus medications
  • Matches
  • Iodine

Do You Know Someone Who’s Making Meth?

Nail polish remover

If you notice that your loved one is buying many of the above products or stockpiling them somewhere, then there’s a chance that the person in question could be making, selling or using crystal meth.

You are encouraged to confront loved ones about possible use of the drug if you feel that a problem exists. Doing so could save your loved one’s life, because crystal meth, in addition to being highly addictive and carrying a heavy risk of overdose, is also incredibly dangerous to make. Many people die each year due to unsafe attempts at meth labs.[3]

Are you concerned that your loved one has fallen into crystal meth dependence? Treatment can help. Contact us at Michael’s House today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline and ask the questions you need answered to best help your loved one start the healing process. We can get you connected to the best treatment programs available and even check your insurance coverage for you. Please call now.